Monday, January 4, 2010

Lovebirds On The Wall

True Lovebirds in Heart Shaped Perch-8x10
In the background are the words "love-adore-devotion-admire"
Lovebirds Under Circus Tent-4x6
On the sheet music are the words "You're the little birds that sing, darling you're my everything"
Bluebirds in Heart-5x5
In the background are the words "angel-darling-sweetheart-sugarplum-honeypie"
Lovebirds in Heart #2-5x5

Lovebirds in Large Heart-8x10

Here are the new 2D mixed media versions of my lovebird cages that I mentioned in the last post. They are constructed with wire, fabric, painted metal, and wax encaustic. They're for sale in my Etsy shop now-just click on this link to take you there!


snippetgirl said...

OOoh, i LOVE these!!! The text in them is super cool!
I was so excited to see your work up on Uncommon Goods!!! That site is awesome!
Happy New Year of creating!!

Jeanee said...

I love these too! I dunno if I like them better than the black sculpted birds? I'm sure you'll make my barter birdie piece awesome.

Anonymous said...


rebecca said...

i return here frequently, via deb taylor, and i cannot resist saying that you inspire me in a whimsical red and white, circus kinda way.

i am adding you to my "saints and sinners" list.

so i can reach you with a easy "click" and share you with a hoard of others.


Leslie Brier, Brier Design Studio said...

How sweet is that? I love them all! And good for you for being ahead of the holiday! I can never seem to get ahead of the game.

artgirly said...

Tammy, did you print the words on the fabric? These pieces are fabulous!
;-) Nicole

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