Saturday, March 28, 2009

Circus Wagon 1 and Cavalcade of Mischief

Thanks so much to the people who commented on the booth shot in my last post, and for those who requested a closer view of my 2D wall pieces, here ya go- the first one is titled "Circus Wagon 1" and it's made from tent canvas with tissue paper, custom printed fabric, wire and acrylic paint. It's around 13"high by 17" wide. In these photos I'm showing both these pieces without the larger canvas and frame.
The second piece is called "Cavalcade of Mischief" and it's also made from tent canvas, acrylic paint, wire, fabric and fringe. It's 25" high by 15" wide.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Booth Shot

Okay I finally got a photographer in to take some better shots of my pieces that I'll use for art fairs, etc. I know it's hard to see the detail in the smaller pieces in this shot but I love the light and think she did a fantastic job. By the way, "she" is LisaRae Turnbull-Oliva and I would love to send some business her way if anyone needs some photos! 

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