Sunday, July 19, 2009

work wOrk WOrK!

I've been a bad little blogger lately but only because I've been burning the candle at both ends to get ready for the upcoming Buyer's Market of American Craft in Philadelphia, PA. I'm traveling by myself to this big show for the first time so wish me scares me a bit but is the most cost-effective way to do an out of town show. I'm excited to be seeing a new city for the first time though and meet some other artists and potential clients! Here's some of the pieces I've been cooking up for the show-the cake toppers will be available in my Etsy shop for custom orders. The small wire tents that hang from found wood are new pieces for me-I'm "branching" out-(ok sorry but I can't resist a good pun...or a bad one) and I'm selling these little guys here in KC at Latteland til late August and again in September at the Plaza Art Fair.
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