Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rat Race

This is my first turn crank piece. This piece is constructed of metal with handprinted canvas over it, clay, wood and rubber sheeting. It is called "Rat Race" and it's a take off on old rocket rides that you see at carnivals only this time the rocketships are filled with adults who are racing racing racing in circles to get to their jobs and make more money. Many many thanks to my husband Mike for working out alot of the technical details of the crank on this while I worked on the other pieces. This piece will also be for sale at the Uptown Art Fair Aug.6-8.

Friday, July 30, 2010

more new moving pieces

Haven't posted in quite awhile but for good reason--have been working on more pieces with motors, lights and turn cranks and now I have 3 new pieces that I'm really excited to show.
Here's the first-it's entitled "Her Dream House". It's constructed of clay, wire, cloth, and wood and is built in an old box that I carved on the outside. It runs on a 6v motor and has a 12v light in the center. It's approx. 13"h x 10"square. This piece is about a little girl who goes to a carnival during the day and that night when she goes to sleep, dreams her house has become the carousel she was riding on. I painted a scene of the outside landscape on cloth that lines the walls. The light in the center of the carousel casts the reflection of the carousel horses onto the walls, making them look like they're galloping around the countryside. Around the door are the words "That night she dreamt her house became the carousel." I'm planning on taking this piece with me to the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis next week.
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