Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Work for the Plaza Art Fair

Large Light with Ferris Wheel-3' tall by 18" wide

Hanging Circus Light w/ Striped Curtain-18"tall by 14" wide

Hanging Light w/ Circus Wagon-18" tall by 15" wide

Hanging Light w/ Rollercoaster-16" tall by 15" wide

Large Helter Skelter Hanging Light-32" tall by 16" wide

Large Hanging Light 1-34" tall by 18" wide

Ferris Wheel on Wood Base-16" tall by 9" wide

I've been working long days and quite a few nights getting ready for the upcoming Plaza Art Fair, held here in KC from Sept. 25-27. Here's some of my new pieces for the show-I find I really love making the lamps so I've made some new hanging ones that are larger, three of them are almost 3 feet in height and the smaller ones are about 18 inches tall. I've also made a new, smaller ferris wheel with a curtain backdrop. Can't wait for the show!

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