Sunday, March 28, 2010

The MOVING Target

I'm so excited to have my first kinetic piece finally complete and ready to show. It will be a part of my first solo show at the Hilliard Gallery at 1820 McGee in KCMO. Stop by if you can between 6-10pm on April 2, 2010. The show will run until April 26. This piece is about trying to avoid being hurt in relationships. She literally keeps moving to avoid the pain she's experienced in the past although her heart is still a target, showing how vulnerable she really is. On her skirt is the word HOPE but it's shrouded as she keeps that part of herself hidden away. This piece is constructed of papier mache, old sheet music, wood, metal, fabric, and a 12v electric motor. It's 30" h x 40" w. Please contact me for more info on this piece if interested in purchasing. Even though the screen may look blank, just click on the arrow below to play the video.

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