Saturday, August 22, 2009

new found freedom-volume 1

Lucky, the new boss
the satellite office
the studio

Well, I got laid off from my job this week. I was an art director at a "large Midwestern greeting card company" for the last 3 years but a designer before that for many more. I've worked there off and on for 17 years or and have had a chance to make some wonderful friends and learn more than they teach in any art school but the business has changed and the company is growing smaller to deal with those changes. Although I'm really sad to leave my good friends and coworkers, I know I'll see them again from time to time PLUS I have alot of orders to fill from the Philly show along with 4 shows lined up before the end of the year-so I look at this as a new beginning. Thought you all might like to see where I'll be going to work every day now-the commute is alot shorter (just down some steps), I'll have a satellite office when the weather is beautiful, and my new boss is also my running buddy. I began this first day by sprinting up two of the highest hills I could find with him, then he told me to get back to work. Here's to whatever lies ahead!

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