Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Etsy shop reopened!

Well, today we dug out of our deep snowdrifts after the biggest blizzard in years. Sounds like most of us in the U.S. were affected in some way. We were lucky and didn't lose power but I know quite a few did. The snow was sure beautiful though.
I decided to take advantage of this snowed-in time to finally reopen my Etsy shop! Below are some of my new mixed media prints that are in my shop. They come in two sizes: 5"x5" and 12"x12". They'll bring a fun, whimsical look to either your childrens' rooms or your own room. Each of them is made using a multi-step process. First I cut each of the words from a linoleum block, print them and combine them with the rest of my hand drawn illustrations. Then they are printed with archival inks on heavy duty canvas before being mounted on another 2" deep gallery canvas that has been handpainted and distressed. Finally they are finished with tinted wax encaustic for that vintagey circus poster look. Click on the following link to visit my shop:

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