Wednesday, July 29, 2009

anyone know anything about Philly?

I'm off to Philly tomorrow for the Buyer's Market of American Craft! I am going it alone however due to cost considerations, so if anyone has ANY suggestions of good but cheap restaurants, or places I just have to see, please let me know asap!
I will be taking my laptop with me and will be checking in and posting photos of my booth--thanks for all your kind and thoughtful comments on my work-you have helped up my confidence tremendously. TTFN!!

1 comment:

snippetgirl said...

I hope you have a wonderfully successful show!!!! I know you will!!! Your work is fabulous. Let me know how it goes...i am debating applying for next year. I don't know anything about Philly. I hope you time to explore and have some fun :).

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