Saturday, September 27, 2008

If you are interested in purchasing any of this work, please
email me at
If a piece you are wanting is sold, please contact me
and I will be happy to let you know what I do have in stock
as I'm constantly making new cages!

Helter Skelter Tower
This piece stands a statuesque 26" tall and is 13" in diameter.
It's what I call my "signature piece" because it means the most to me
and conveys everything my Homemade Circus look consists of
--old, broken down circus rides that nature has reclaimed and
made beautiful and whimsical again!
Click on the photo above to go to my Etsy shop to get more
info or buy this piece

Two Bluebirds In Love
These bluebirds live in their own little world in a wire heart entwined
with red raffia. These birds, like all my birds,are handmade by me
from paperclay.
The antique silver tinsel covers their perch and they sit on a
twig of real cherry wood!
Click on the photo above for more info or to buy

The Flying Dutchman
I built this piece to display my little birds in boxes
but like a real carnival ride, it actually spins around!
It stands about 23" tall and is about 15" diameter
Right now this piece is only for show but the birds
in boxes are available.

Individual small birds in boxes
approx. 3"h x 3"w
email me to purchase

Red Circus Bird on silver tinsel perch
This bird can be happy on his perch either swinging from the
swirly wire hook or sitting on a table! He sits on a cherry twig
and is surrounded by antique silver tinsel.
SOLD-thank you!

Black and Red birds in cages
These two birds are practicing their "high wire act"
on the twisty wire vines and leaves on
this 6" high cage. -$45.00
Pedestal is sold separately and is
handmade from tissue paper, ribbon and heavy cardboard.
SOLD-thank you!

The Lovebirds
These two are definitely two peas in a pod in
their cozy nest made of real iris leaves!
The heart shaped perch is made from raffia
and wire and is sold separately from the
striped pedestal beneath it.
Approx. 9" high w/ pedestal.

Tammy Smith©2008.
All content on this site is property of Tammy Smith
and may not be used in any way without permission.


Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Welcome to glitter and Grunge! Your work is beautiful!

SoapyChica said...

These are so lovely, I love the little birds and the circus themes.

the magpie said...

absolutely love your work! it's fabulous...may i add your blog to my blog links?


katie trott said...

I just saw your work on Glitter & grunge. I love your work, and your booth is fantastic!

snippetgirl said...

oh my, i LOVE your work! I have a thing for vintage circus themed items and these are so wonderful and creative. I am definitely going to add you to my blog favorites. Check out my blog and if you ever want to trade art, let me know.
My best wishes to you!

Emily said...

Love the contrasting angles and differing heights on the Helter Skelter Tower. And the colors!

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